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Polish American String Band has been a top ten prize winner 73 out of 76 years in the Philadelphia Mummer's Parade
Congratulations to
Mark Danielewicz,
Our First Prize
Winning Captain!
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Congratulations Mark Danielewicz
2011 1st Prize Captain

From MYPHL17’s In Focus
With Steve Highsmith
Blog Posted on January 4, 2011 by stevehighsmith

Mark Danielewicz

The leadership, dancing and overall entertainment value of the String Band Captains are strong in the annual Mummers Parade.  The 2011 tradition provided the stage for exceptional performances.  Polish American String Band Captain Mark Danielewicz took first prize in his role as the Captain of a group of shipwrecked pirates.  Mark’s costume, his interaction with the band and his well-executed dancing were  awesome.  He got the highest score of the day in any category, an 18.950 out of a possible 20.00, in the Design category.  Mark won all three categories of Costume, Design and Effect. (Total score 56.450)… 

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