PASB Member Spotlight: Rob Carroll

Polish American String Band's Member Spotlight is where we will proudly share information about the accomplishments and journeys of several of our members on a semi-regular basis going forward.

Polish American String Band would like to wish the best to member and Musical Director, Rob Carroll, as he takes his talents to Key West, FL for the next few days!  When Rob isn't tirelessly working to continually improve Polish American String Band, he is also both a professional musician and a professional Benjamin Franklin impersonator and tour guide.  

Rob, along with several musician friends notably including Philadelphia's own Tim Williams, will be taking the stage at the Hog's Breath Saloon each night this week at 9 PM through Sunday 7/8!  You can enjoy the show as well and take in the incredible tenor saxophone stylings of Rob via the Hog's Breath streaming cameras which can be found at: 



Kevin Sullivan