Dyngus Day!

Polish American String Band would like to wish everyone a happy Dyngus Day!!

…so what the heck is Dyngus Day, anyway?


Back in the 14th century (interestingly, around the same time as the advent of Mummery), in the countries that, today, are Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, Dyngus Day (or ‘Wet Monday’) came into being. While the origins of the holiday are not fully known and can be traced back to several possible sources, its most cited reason is as a post-Easter celebration of Spring, rebirth, rejuvenation, and a hope for a successful harvest.

Traditionally, Dyngus day was celebrated by all of the boys of a village throwing water onto girls whom they like and citing verses and rhymes that came to be associated with the holiday. Over the years, Dyngus day has changed, now with both sexes equally being given the chance to douse one another, and even more so in modernity as a means of celebrating Polish or Slavic heritage.

Many Polish American communities, particularly our own incredible neighborhood or Port Richmond, have Dyngus Day celebrations focusing on Polish music, food, culture, art, and other cornerstones of Polish heritage. This Dyngus Day, you can find Polish American String Band performing at the Polish Eagle Club on 3157 E. Thomson St. Philadelphia, PA at 7:00 PM as the Polish Eagle hosts an afternoon and evening long Dyngus Day celebration!

Happy Dyngus Day from all of us at Polish American String Band!

Wesołego Śmigusa - Dyngusa!